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Community Challenge

📸 Introducing the BEC Community Challenge: Self Portrait Double Exposure Edition! Unleash your creativity and capture the essence of this unique theme. Blend your identity with captivating surroundings through the art of double exposure. Join us on this photographic journey as we celebrate self-expression and imagination. Get your cameras ready because this is your chance to shine! 

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Inspire. Create. Educate.

BEC (Bold, Emotional, Colorful) is an Educational Platform + Community.


Join our creative, supportive, community where you can freely express yourself as an artist. Find all the tools you need to stay inspired, create beautiful art, and run a successful business all in one place.


Changing the Photography Industry.

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Preset Collections

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Online Courses

We offer online courses that are self-paced, designed to learn anytime, anywhere. 

The BEC Community is known for it's supportive, community over competition perspective.
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