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Why BEC?

BEC is an educational platform & community that offers online courses, mentorships, online workshops, presets & tools, and the BEC magazine.

Our platform and courses are created by BEC Leaders. Our community strives to be supportive, inspirational, and educational. 

We would love for you to join our platform, community, or as a leader. There is a space for everyone at BEC.

Be a Leader

Bold, Emotional, and Colorful is a community for lifestyle photographers. A community for creatives to be free to learn and grow. BEC is the supportive community that we all have been waiting for.

BEC Leaders have the opportunity to create and submit business & creative E-courses, and online workshops, sell presets & offer mentorships through BEC. 

Join our Community

BEC is a platform for lifestyle photographers. Our mission is to Inspire, Create and Educate. We are a supportive community where everyone is welcome. 

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Meet Our Team& BEC Leaders

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Have questions? We have answers!

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