Anna Kruse

Bec Leader/Mentor

Let's Create Magic.



Are you drawn to bold and colorful photos?


My focus is to guide you to achieve just that! From how to style your families, to how to even use presets and tweak them to achieve that desired look, prompts that will help direct your sessions for storytelling images and go over composition and camera settings.


There are many layers that make a beautiful image but majority of that work takes places before your session all geared towards the final outcome which are BOLD EMOTIONAL COLORFUL photos

How Does it work?

Our goal is for our clients to have images that can speak a thousand words. -Anna

Finding a mentor that is right for you is the next step in taking your business to the next level. Our mentors here at BEC focus on things that matter. Things that will make an impact in your photography business. Take a moment to click the LEARN MORE button to see what we can offer.


What are Students Saying?

"I can’t say enough great things about my mentorship with Anna! She changed the entire way I see my sessions and her presets are my new go-to!"

Katy Kelley / BEC Student

"I’ve purchased Sunetta's and Theresa’s courses and now I’m in Annas mentorship. I’ve learned and grown so much with each investment. Each one of these ladies go above and beyond to help you out with feedback or simple answers to your questions. I love Annas mentorship as a constant source of growth but also simply having that support I didn’t realize I would so greatly need as a new photographer."

Candace Jones / BEC Student

"Anna's Mentorship was the first I have gone through, and immediately, I saw results! Anna goes above and beyond to help teach us, and continue to support us even after we finished the course. It does not just end with the Zoom call. I have purchased many presets and brushes, and tried to dabble with Photoshop, but never understood how to use them, until this course. Anna is willing to answer questions, or help you edit anytime of day, and continues to give us so many more resources to just further our photography journey! She is seriously a #1 hype gal! I am ashamed for not jumping on her mentorship sooner!! 10/10 Highly recommend!"

Mesha Young / BEC Student

"I was so pleased with Anna Kruse's Crash Course Mentorship. The video content was far more than I expected and really helped me elevate my styling choices and my editing. I love her Magic of Color Lightroom brushes and use them on all my images. During our zoom call Anna was warm, personable and helped me with so many of my questions. I highly recommend working with Anna, she's the truly fantastic!"

Sarah Mathews / BEC Student

"I cannot, I repeat, I cannot give Anna enough thanks for teaching me what i needed to reach my BEC style. Here is the thing, you could watch videos, read articles, pay for presets BUT if you don't have the right teacher then its all worth nothing. That's what Anna is, the right teacher and mentor but most importantly, she becomes a friend. If I could, I would take every workshop and class that she has, no doubt. If you are done reading this and are still deciding on her mentorship, don't. Just do it."

Israel Murillo / BEC Student

"I'm so glad I took the leap to do the mentorship with Anna, I had held back from any mentorships after a uncomfortable precursor to a different one with someone not related to BEC. After meeting with Anna I felt inspired and motivated, she gave me positive feedback and feedback to help me build up my skills in new ways. If you're thinking about it, do it. You won't regret it at all!"

Pamela Salerno / BEC Student

"Anna is absolutely amazing and so incredibly kind! She wants to help you in any capacity that she can. She works to help you achieve the best tones and the most confidence! She doesn't just leave you hanging after your mentorship either. She follows up and continues helping you anytime you have questions. She will look through galleries and shoe you exactly how to fix something!! She's just incredible! It changed the entire course of my business already! Thank you, Anna!"

Audrey Warnecke / BEC Student