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Anna Shockley

Hi! I'm Anna! Pronounced like Princess Anna in Frozen!

I specialize in family, maternity, and motherhood sessions! I am based in Oregon surrounded by some of the most beautiful terrains. Many of which has influenced my photography and the way I edit because I am surrounded by beautiful color, light, contrast and so much more! I have been a photographer for over a decade but an artist since I could first hold a pencil in my hands.

I am a wife, and mother of two beautiful kiddos. They are my biggest supporters and encourage me to keep reaching for the stars. You can find me with either a coffee or Pepsi in my hand snacking on some delicious ruffles chips! I love getting to meet new people, especially those in the photography industry. Making friends is easy for me because I think every person is unique and has a wonderful story to tell! So don't be afraid to say hey! I am always up for a good chat over a warm cup of coffee.

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