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Karina Beck

Hey! I'm Karina Beck, the gal behind Light and Armour Photography. Long ago, when I was in high school, I had heard a teacher say, "the biggest lie you can tell yourself is you'll remember." Little did I know that this notion, many years later, would spark a fierce passion to "Document your now." I had romanticized what I thought it meant to be a photographer and almost counted myself out before I ever really tried. I had day dreamed of what it would be like to be a photographer before I ever even bought a camera. These thoughts were the hallmark of a dreamer who yearned for creativity, but was stuck in a black and white brain with no creative outlets. This, of course, fueled the stubborn love of what would become a successful, self taught photographer, who was determined to learn her camera inside and out and teach her brain how to be creative, with what she had. I am fiercely passionate about this gift of photography and what it all essentially boils down too; making our memories tangible in a fleeting world.

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