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Kylie Buccellato

Hello! I'm Kylie of Kylie Rae Photography!! I am currently capturing the poetic moments of family, motherhood, and childhood on the white beaches of Santa Rosa Beach FL. Like many others, my photography journey really started when my first daughter was born. I realized how fleeting our time with our children is and I wanted to document it. It quickly turned into my full-time job. I love to document the story of childhood with my own children. My client's work is a little different. I love to capture those cinematic moments where a mama is holding her baby like it's the end of the world, her hair blowing dramatically in the wind, her flowing dress soaked at the bottom by the sea. I love to capture those little hands around mama's neck before they are too big to do so anymore. Turning family portraits into art is what fuels my soul. Becoming a mother has definitely changed what I see through my lens and has been my greatest inspiration. Over the last ten years, I have invested in myself to grow as an artist and now I have found a passion for helping and teaching other photographers to do the same!

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