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Liz DeVinny

Hi, I’m Liz! I’m so excited to partner with you on this journey to elevate your skills! I am a storyteller and a light chaser. I am forever living for those perfect 15 minutes right before the sun dips below the horizon where my subjects are drenched in rim light and it dances off the mountains and trees in the background with perfect flares that fill my heart with incredible appreciation for the beauty of nature. They highlight the emotion of the moment, drawing me in to feel the tenderness, the absolute and overpowering love a mama has for her babies, the passion and love of romance and the beauty of human connection as the light skims the highlights of the hair, skin, and texture of fabric. They are heaven on Earth, those 15 minutes of glorious, golden light and I chase those moments whether I am capturing my own two little boys while we’re camping on the beach or capturing my clients on a hilltop in my Northern California small town. This storytelling desire began for me with teaching Yearbook to my middle school students more than 10 years ago and it still continues as they enter my photography and yearbook classroom every day. As someone who has always pursued my own education and creative passions with a BA in Art from the University of California, Berkeley, BEC Leader, Click Pro Elite, and California League of Schools Educator of the Year in 2020, I can’t wait to pass along everything that I have learned along the way to help you achieve your dreams.

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