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Nicole Geraldine

Hello, you beautiful human! I am Nicole, a Published Emotive Lifestyle photographer in Northern Virginia + beyond. Capturing a family's authentic moments is my jam. Those moments that we often overlook and sometimes wish we could get back. My style has a mix of bold colors with a slight touch of moodiness. I love dramatic skies and fields of tall grass with a beautiful sunset in the background. I am a mom, friend, and adventure seeker. I am super bubbly, energetic, and a very optimistic person. I live by this motto "kindness is free, so sprinkle it everywhere!" SO, YES I HAVE A BIG HEART! Many know me as the photographer with the strong Latina accent! Ha! And I love that! I don't like boring and I know my accent adds that little extra spark to my personality.

Now, let's talk about my passion that turned into my full time job. It all started in 2017 when my daughter was born. Just the thought of her growing up made my mama heart hurt. I wanted to freeze time but I had no clue how. I wanted to hold on to even the littlest moments. One day, I picked up my brand new camera that was still in a box collecting dust in my closet and I just completely fell in love. I discovered the art of storytelling through photos and started creating my own little memories.

It almost felt like I was freezing time. I started capturing every single moment of my journey as a new mom and of course every milestone in my daughter's life. My camera became my little escape. I have never put it down after that. Now, here we are not only capturing my own memories as mama of two, but also doing the same for others. I believe every mama out there deserves beautiful memories of their tiny humans, because believe me when I say, "The days are long but the years go by so fast." Don't blink and let's create magic together!

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