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Theresa Sherron

Known as the loudest human in the room, this is how Theresa brings chaos into her family sessions which creates her interesting way of how she runs a family session, or yet any session. The wild and free, the better. The chaos, the better. Theresa is constantly listening and signing to music, which she does Infront of her clients as well. Bold personality, which is why she adores bold rich edits. She always wants an image to look timeless yet with a punch of color & pop. Theresa truly feels there is a process in order to get the bold richness of the edits and it starts once a client inquires with you. Trust is key with this business, and she truly feels this starts at the beginning and ends with the final product you deliver to your clients. Firecracker is what they call her, loud and fearless. If you have met Theresa, you know this and you probably call her T.

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