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BEC Cover Photo Contest

Have you ever dreamed about being published in a magazine? 

We are all about making dreams come true...

Submit your favorite image for a chance to be featured as our cover image in our summer issue of BEC Magazine releasing July 24th, 2023!


  • Please only submit ONE file. 

  • Must submit by June 9th, 2023.** 

BEC Magazine Photo Contest

Theme: Harsh Light

Ah yes, the dreaded “Harsh” light scenario. When your client says the only time they can shoot is at 2:00 pm on a sunny day. As much as we photographers would LOVE to only shoot at that sweet spot golden hour, sometimes if we truly want to provide for our clients, we have to bite the bullet and challenge ourselves to provide quality work using whatever situation we are given.


Harsh light can be scary to work in, especially when families with multiple children come into play. For this contest, I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone, and play in some harsh light conditions! It can be any type of session you want, but it has to be harsh light. (TIP: I have a blog post up on my website with some tips and tricks for shooting in harsh light.) When you post your image for the contest, I would love to hear about something you struggled with or learned during your experiments with harsh light!

We can’t always control things, but we can make the best of the situation! I myself have come to LOVE harsh light, and maybe with this challenge, you can too!

  • Submissions close on June 9th, 2023 

  • Please submit one photo*

  • The top 5 photos will be posted in the BEC instAgram & Facebook group for Voting time

  • Hosted by BEC Leader, Raynie Lawson

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