Beyond the Shoreline

with Letha Imboden

Are you Ready....

     ... to add something completely unique to your sessions? Do you want to elevate your client experience by providing something out of the ordinary? Welcome to your introductory course into water photography! Specifically designed for any level photographer who has a basic knowledge of how to change camera settings and wanting to add something a little unique and out of the ordinary to their image portfolio. 

     Deciding to dive into water photography is exciting and exhilarating! It also can be overwhelming with the amount of knowledge to be found. In each chapter, I break down every step and procedure for you; this course is designed to help you get a head start in the “how-to” and into the water quickly and safely while keeping you just beyond the shoreline. 


What can you expect from this water journey?

  • I’ll share what gear and camera settings I use to create unique images

  • A basic understanding of how different light scenarios work with your images above and below water

  • How to prep your clients for their water session with you

  • A deeper understanding of the density, coloring, and behaviors of water and how it effects your images.

Underwater Preset & Brushes Promo.jpg

Course Outline:

  • My journey with water photography including why I started, what I started with and why I switched things up.

  • What to look for in your surroundings, checking tide maps and how to keep you and your client safe

  • I’ll share some of my favorite water and weather resources

  • What gear, port lens and camera settings I use to reach my desired look

  • An introduction into ports, trays, grips, extensions, clamps, silicone grease, lighting, and repellants and much more

  • Why wardrobe is important and how I prep my clients from clothing to water safety

  • Handling rough waters and making the most of unpredictable weather

  • BTS video of day session with a family to show how light effects your underwater shots

  • Full behind the scenes video during a sunset session with a couple.

  • Two editing videos showing the difference between editing for day and evening

  • Editing images for underwater shots, the difference between coloring in and out of the water.

  • Breaking down wavelengths

  • Taking care of your gear and clothing post session

  • Presets and brushes I use

  • Editing tips to “clear the water” of backscatter and ways to embrace water spots

What's Included?


  • 121 page, detailed downloadable PDF 

Creative Exercises

  • Shoot in the day and in the evening

  • Shoot underwater

  • Shoot underwater looking up

  • Try shooting a split shot

  • Catch a wave in motion

Editing Videos

  • Full edit of 3 images taken during the day

  • Full edit of 3 images taken during sunset


  • Editable water safety insert

  • RAW underwater image for you to edit


  • PS water drop brush

  • Pro-tips that I’ve found useful 

BTS Videos

  • BTS family session in the water during daytime

  • Full BTS couples water session during sunset


  • Videos are available in Closed Captioning

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"We ourselves feel what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop." – Mother Teresa


Meet Your


Hello fellow BEC artists!

I am Letha, a fine art lifestyle family photographer based in Clearwater, FL. 

I first used a camera when I was in middle school as a story telling device to capture memories with my friends and moments with my family. I continued my love of documenting life throughout high school and college. Interesting enough, my college major was in Educational Psychology and not photography. 

My true love and understanding of the world of photography came when I worked developing 35 mm film in a processing lab. 

For 13 years I put my psychology skills to work as an art teacher for LD students. In my 11th year, I was told that I was “meant for that job” – that was my pivotal moment telling my heart it was time to move on. 

Adding a fine art aspect into my family sessions; they became more than simply recording my subject. It became more about capturing what I see as an artist while staying true to the emotions that were there. My camera became my main tool for creating pieces of art. Allowing my work to deeply express feelings while adding a cinematic twist.

I’m always climbing my way towards being my very best, learning new things and I take on every project with a fresh perspective, deep curiosity, and a willingness to test, explore and to “dive” into emotion (pun intended). I enjoy delighting clients with artistic and emotive images that tell their story.

In all my work, I seek the moments when ordinary people are at their most extraordinary, when they are the most special and most purely themselves. To distill the essence of who they are in a single image. 

No matter where we are in life, we can all relate to average moments of magic and grace.

What are Student's Saying?

"I just completed Letha Imboden's Beyond the Shoreline course. It was a very enjoyable topic to dive into (pun intended). I was struck by how kind Letha was an how helpful she wants to be to her students. I found the editing videos very helpful and the BTS videos were also great! I also loved that my course came with some bonus materials, such as a photo I can practice editing, some brushes and presets, as well as a water safety document I can use to send my own clients when I start shooting in the ocean. So helpful!"

Loreli Burton / BEC Student