Christina Werner

Bec Leader/Mentor

Portfolio Review



Portfolio review for the beginner/intermediate photographer looking for private feedback on their body of work as a whole (100-15 images).  Feedback will be provided on the same category standards as the BEC leadership application. Includes a one hour 1:1 zoom call to discuss strengths as well as suggestions for areas that can use improvement. We will set some goals to help you improve on both strengths/weaknesses. 

How Does it work?

Finding a mentor that is right for you is the next step in taking your business to the next level. Our mentors here at BEC focus on things that matter. Things that will make an impact in your photography business. Take a moment to click the LEARN MORE button to see what we can offer.


What are Students Saying?

"This mentorship was extremely helpful, not only for my editing but also for helping me get photographs correct as I am taking them. Christina was very kind about showing me where I had done things very well and then also showing me where I could use some work. She was easy to understand and gave me a list of ideas on how to get better and courses to help as well. I was immediately able to go to my next few shoots keeping things we talked about in mind and fixing them (things I had never noticed but made such a difference). This was incredibly helpful and I have recommended it to all my photographer friends-old and new"


"Christina was so helpful! From focusing to composition I feel so much more confident going into my next session. So happy I made this investment!"