Portfolio Review
Christina Werner

About Christina


Hi! I'm Christina- a NJ based lifestyle photographer focused on capturing emotion, connection, light, color, and dramatic skies. I am a mom of two and obsessed with coffee and all things nostalgic. I have always had the heart of a daydreaming artist and fell in love with photography when I had my kids. Inspired by the quote “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is”, my passion is to show the emotion and connection in the unexpected moments throughout my work.

What to Expect?

 In this 1:1 zoom call mentorship we will go over the portfolio and provide feedback based on the above categories.  This is great for any photographer looking to get more clarity and direction or wanting constructive feedback. Sometimes putting our work out there in a group forum for CC can be intimidating or even confusing with so many opinions. We will go over strengths as well as areas to focus on for improvement, in a constructive and positive way.

Areas Covered:

  • Exposure

  • Color

  • White Balance

  • Composition

  • Creativity

  • Cohesiveness

  • Professionalism

  • Focus

  • Connection

  • Basic Elements

The Goal

 Private 1:1 feedback on portfolio as a whole. Identify strengths and areas for improvement in order to focus on future growth. Great for anyone wanting to apply for BEC Leadership who needs some guidance.

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Are you hesitant to "put yourself out there"? 


I have been there! I think all of us have, as artists. I can help you find the confidence to continue to learn and grow as an photographer. 


Invest in yourself, your work and your business.

Mentorship Cost $125