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All About Minis

By AnnaMarie Stephens

Do you love minis, but struggle booking all your spots?
Do you dread doing minis but recognize it’s a great source of income, so you do them anyway?
Or are you just feeling kind of STUCK when it comes to mini sessions in general?

If one of these sounds familiar, this is the course for you! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just launched your photography business, there’s something in this course for everyone. Personally, I love minis and do a little over 100 mini sessions every year. Mini sessions make up a sizable chunk of my income, and they’re a lot of fun for me. Through this course, I aim to help you learn from my years of mistakes and triumphs to become a mini-session expert in no time.

I’ll give you all my best tips, tricks, and marketing tools so that not only are you selling out your minis, but you’re delivering GORGEOUS, DETAILED, CLIENT FOCUSED galleries to every single family that shows up. Together, we will go over everything from picking the perfect location to how to upsell your galleries for maximum profit. Plus, learn my trademark method for filling up every single spot every time.

Ready to dive in and make some magic out of madness? Let’s go!


Business Course

What will you learn

    - How to effectively plan your minis so that they appeal to your ideal client, align with your brand, and ensure the location is accessible
    - How to price your mini sessions for PROFIT - Upselling is everything!
    - Several different ways to market your minis for maximum bookings
    - Timeline for when to start advertising and marketing for your upcoming minis
    - How to maximize the perceived value of mini sessions by staying in constant contact with your clients
    - How to ensure a large variety of photos in your gallery through use of posing, prompts, and capturing the details of a session
    - How to minimize your time commitment and maximize profits
    - A brief touch on editing in Lightroom
    - Why I love minis - Hear about my passion for these types of sessions firsthand
    - Types of mini sessions to consider - 100 mini session themes to get you inspired!
    - Planning your Mini: Whether or not to use props, lighting conditions to look out for, plus a lot of helpful tips for picking a location for a seamless mini session
    - How to decide what type of mini session is best for your brand
    - Mini session pricing - Base price + Adding on Images
    - How to effectively market your minis so that they book up and sell out
    - Timeline leading up to and after minis - Walk your clients through every single step to increase the value they feel they're getting when they book a session with you
    - How to create meaningful connections in a limited time frame - Goes over posing, prompts, and details
    - What to do when things don't go as planned - How to deal with grumpy dads, uncooperative kids, and bad weather
    - How to maximize variety in a mini session gallery and upsell
    - What a typical mini session looks like for me, start to finish
    - Presets I use, batch editing, how to minimize time commitment and maximize profits

Whats Included

    - 79 Page PDF going over everything you will ever need to know about mini sessions
    - List of 100 Mini Session Types to get you inspired
    - Two editing videos so you can see not only how I deal with different lighting conditions in post, but also how I get that bold color with accurate skin tones
    - Tons of tips and tricks for everything from how to use facebook ads to market your minis to what type of setting to look for when location scouting for your next round of mini sessions