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Art Indoors

By Annie Nelson


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What to expect

If you are looking to generate more income during the slow season, but don't have a studio, in-home sessions are a great way to do that! In my new course, you will learn how to shoot, edit and market in-home sessions that tell a family's TRUE and AUTHENTIC story. No studio is required. Watch me go behind the scenes at an in-home shoot of a family of 7, learn how to market in-home sessions to book more during the slow season and throughout the calendar year, how to compose an image, use interesting angles while shooting, and how to crop while editing for emotive and storytelling images, learn how to help style your clients to tell their authentic story while maintaining your style and voice in photography, and more!

What you will learn

- How to market and book in-home sessions to generate income during the slow season

- Cropping for emotion

- Composition and angles for storytelling

- Prompting

- How colors in styling affect your edits, and how to help guide your clients in styling to maintain your voice, while showcasing their true style

- Editing: what presets, actions, and "extras" (overlays, etc) I use, and how I keep my work looking consistent from outdoor to indoor

- Settings and time of day for in-home sessions

- How to use indoor light


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Cass Colon Fontaine

average rating is 5 out of 5

So much information packed into this course! The preset is beautiful and the information on lighting, troubleshooting difficult spaces, and marketing these very specific sessions was so helpful the videos round out the info perfectly!

Christina Cline

average rating is 5 out of 5

The fabulous course is full of great tips, examples, and information! Annie gives examples of her settings, her prompts, and great out-of-the-box angles to achieve beautiful storytelling images. I can’t wait to implement what I have learned in my in-home sessions! Don’t sleep on this course if you are considering adding this type of session to your own business!

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Thank you!

- BTS of an in-home family session
- PDF that covers styling to compliment your edits, settings, time of day, prompting, etc.
- 2 editing videos (covers presets, actions, and just-for-fun overlays I use while editing)
- Session flow explanation video
- Cropping for emotion video
- Angles and composition for storytelling video
- How to market for and book in-home sessions video
-Illuminate Preset

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