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Be Intentional: Knowing your Why & Thinking like a Photographer

By Christina Werner


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What to expect

As photographers, we have a lot to think about and work through, as we all have our own unique set of challenges. Some of us do not have amazing locations. Sometimes the light isn't "golden" or there may be no clouds in the sky. Things do not always go the way we expect. So what do we do? How do we get bold emotional images when challenges come our way? How do we set ourselves apart when anyone and everyone can take a photo with their phone? How do we create art and not just snapshots? Just as painters, sculptors, and musicians all have tools they use to create their works of art, we do too, and it goes well beyond just the camera.

Intentionality is key. We need to be intentional with everything we do and we need to know why we are making the creative choices we are making. Essentially, we need to learn how to think like a photographer. I do believe this is a lifelong process of learning, as we evolve and grow in our work. However, I hope to inspire you with this course, to really start to think more deeply through everything you do, with one caveat. I do not want to make you into a copy of me. I don't want to teach you to do exactly what I do. Instead, I want to help inspire you to think through your sessions in a way that will set you on a path to becoming the best photographer you can be, while remaining true to yourself and your own voice. Ultimately- it's about using all of your tools as a photographer to be YOU and to BE INTENTIONAL.

What you will learn

- You will learn how to intentionally think through the following: 

- What does being intentional mean?

- How the camera “sees”  

- Fill in some possible learning gaps with the more technical aspects of photography. 

- Differences between crop sensor and full frame 

- Dynamic range

- How focal length affects your images

- Different types of lenses and why they matter

- Exposure basics

- How focal point and depth of field affect your images

- Intentional use of aperture and shutter speed

- The different kinds of light and how they affect the mood of your images

- Composition techniques

- Intentional use of color and color theory 

- Why styling your clients is important

- Why location doesn’t always matter 


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Jenna Allen

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Amazing! Christina is a true artist worth learning from!

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- 60-page pdf
- Behind-the-scenes beach video
- Video on how to selectively change color in Photoshop
- Video on color theory and how I think through the use of color in my sessions
- Video that includes some pullbacks with images
- Video on how I think through color theory when I edit
- Bonus editing video on how to intentionally edit for emotion by Raynie Lawson who has a course coming to BEC in June

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