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Home is Where Your Art Is

By Samantha Dell


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What to expect

In photography we go through highs and lows, off season, and burnout. Most of our creative focus and energy is spent on client work. All the while your life and those you love can go undocumented. Isn’t it time to create art from your life within the walls of your home? I have been doing this very thing for years. It is what drives my creativity when it comes to client work. The inspiration I find at home propels me to be a better photographer outside the home. This course is for everyone, you don’t have to have kids or even a partner. Learn to start creating art from the beauty all around you. Don’t let your life go by without giving it the same attention you pour into clients everyday. Your life is art and I will teach you how to achieve that. Step out of the norm and your comfort zone to create beauty to fill your own walls. You will become the artist and the art. Let go of the rat race, forget competition and let’s create what moves your soul. Anyone can be an artists you just need the right tools.

What you will learn

- Finding your own inspiration

- Creating art of of the ordinary day to day

- Stirring creativity

- How to use life’s highs and lows to your advantage

- A little self love

- Styling

- Editing in a way that adds life to your images

- Capturing emotion

- Whats in my bag

- How to create brushes

- Where to find creative pieces

- Using overlays

- My entire editing process

- My entire creative process

- Lighting


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Madison Odom

average rating is 5 out of 5

I've been waiting for this one, so I am excited to have a course from Samantha Dell! She goes over SO much in her BTS, editing process, overlays/textures, going thrifting. you name it, it's in here! Also reading her story in the PDFs made me emotional and able to connect with her even more. LOVE!! This is one you wanna invest in.

Jacqueline McGurren

average rating is 5 out of 5

Loved this course so much! It really got my creative juices flowing for my own personal projects! Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a rut doing a lot of the same things for clients, and this really pulled me out of my funk and got me excited for my own fun projects. Lots of tips and tricks for editing also! Def recommend this one! *****

Kashia Courville

average rating is 5 out of 5

Ohhh I’m so so happy I purchased this course! I’m in the midst of slow season and I’ve always struggled to be creative with my own kids at home! Samantha goes into detail about everything! She even takes you shopping with her during the course to show props she picks up!! She also shows you how she edits in the course! Best money I’ve spent with BEC AGAIN!!!! 😂🥰

Brooke McCoy

average rating is 5 out of 5

So happy I bought this course! Samantha goes into depth about the different presets and overlays used (as well as how to use them), where to find inspiration, how to shop for props and outfits, and how to make stunning flower crowns, and I haven’t even gotten through the whole course yet. She is brilliant with her ideas! 10/10 recommendation!

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Thank you!

- 66 page pdf(filled with practical tips and ideas to get creativity flowing)
- 5 editing videos
- 3 BTS videos of my entire creative process
- My client welcome letter
- Access to my Amazon storefront with all my favorite creative items
- Creating Lr brushes video

**Presets NOT included**

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