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How To Use PS Actions & Portraiture

By Theresa Sherron

If you are wanting to learn how to achieve more rich, bold, colorful edits using photoshop, you’re in the right place. I know photoshop can be overwhelming and terrifying, but once learning it, it can CHANGE the way you edit tremendously! In order to achieve this beautiful, colorful edit – there are so many more things that go into place besides just editing. In this course I give you some styling tips on how to help your edits STAND OUT.

My goal is to be a step in the right direction if you are wanting more colorful edits with your images! So much more goes into just putting a preset on and if you are ready for that journey, let’s get you started! Let’s open your mind into photoshop!


Editing Course

**Actions, Brushes & Portraiture is sold separately*

What will you learn

    - Achieve more bold richness photos together
    - Learn new settings for portraiture & how to really use it to finalize an image!
    - Learn how to batch edit!
    - Learn a little more how you can receive richness with your wardrobe!
    - Running my favorite brush actions & how to properly use them & how I would use them!
    - Going over brushing on and off certain areas in photoshop & how to do so!
    - Learning how to use larger actions with multiple items into one action!
    - Going over portraiture & my settings that I use!
    - How to batch edit!
    - How to record your actions and save them as a “favorite” so it’s easier to use and find them!
    - Going over a little bit about the business side of how I run things!
    - Styling YOUR brand and making YOU stand out!
    - What’s all in my camera bag? What do I shoot with? Where do I keep my gear?
    - Settings in a few different lighting situations!
    - Styling your clients and WHY.
    - Actions I use and why!
    - Talking about my base presets (which are only available through my online mentorships, one on ones or workshops!)
    - Emotive Posing (very little since it’s a photoshop course)

Whats Included

    - 100 page, detailed downloadable PDF
    - Over 60 minutes of Editing in Photoshop
    - Intro into Photoshop
    - Running Actions & Brushes
    - Portraiture Overview
    - How to Pre-Save a Workflow

    Exercises For:
    - Style YOUR brand
    - Try Different Lighting Situations
    - Style a Session for YOU
    - Try the actions I use
    - Write up YOUR own family questionnaire
    - Create YOUR own workflow
    - Do a batch edit!
    - Try a Portraiture setting