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Intro Into Film & Editing

By Theresa Sherron

To really know the BASICS before getting more into the other side of premiere pro and color grading, etc. A lot goes into making videos and it will take some practice and getting used to the systems you start using! This is why I created this Intro to Film course for you to really learn the basics before the hard work comes in! This is like learning Lightroom or Photoshop for the first time BUT this is why I am here to help YOU understand it better and not alone! I promise, once you start working with it, it will become second nature to you. As someone who has been doing short films for almost over a year, I have learned a lot from when I first started and now that I am in college for Film, I have even learned MORE and cannot wait to share a little bit of knowledge for you guys to start up!

I will be creating an EXTENDED course that will come out in MAY for you guys to take after you take the “Intro to Film” Course. In order to get access to the Extended Film Course, you must take the BEC “Intro to Film” Course. You need to know the basics and how to really use premiere pro in order to know more about color grading, LUTS and more. That’s why I broke this course up! So you guys aren’t overwhelmed!

This is a go at your own pace course, everything is pre recorded and you can go back and watch when you want!


Editing Course

What will you learn

    - Basics of premiere pro
    - Basics of iMovie (So you can decide which one is best for you)
    - What gear I use
    - How to quickly shoot photo & video during your session
    - As I hold you hand and walk you through this!
    - How to import your videos
    - How to export your videos
    - Saving BTS videos to watch what I do
    - Watch me edit a few videos to get you to understand Premiere pro
    - Premiere pro overview on stuff that I USE Imovie overview (In case you would rather work with imovie)
    - Shortcuts & tips
    - The gear

Whats Included

    - PDF Guide with Helpful Tips
    - BEC Student Perks
    - Over 60 minutes of Editing in Premiere Pro & Imovie

Ashley Reece