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It's all in the details: Create a well-rounded gallery

By Kinsey Evans

It seems like yesterday that I was rocking my fist baby-barely a week old-crying over the fact that he had already grown and was starting to change. I wanted to memorize his tiny features and never forget a single thing about the days I got to hold him close in my arms. That was the first time it really hit me just how precious and fleeting our time on earth is. I knew I didn’t want to miss a moment of it. That is what inspired me to become a photographer.
One of the greatest gifts of photography is the ability to take fleeting moments and make them stand still-marked forever in an image you can cherish. Our loved ones are growing and changing day by day as we move through each stage of life and we can’t change that. What we can do however is learn to sit in those moments and capture ALL of the things that make those moments unique and worthy of remembrance. Every single DETAIL.
I want my work to have meaning. I want to be the one to step into the lives of others and give them little glimpses of heaven as they stare into the eyes of their loved ones.
Silly secrets, snuggles, tiny toes, tickles, freckles, butterfly kisses, and wrinkles are all details that time stamp seasons of life that are constantly changing. Be the reason those things are not only etched in someones mind, but tangible through galleries that take them back to those very moment in time.
“It’s all in this details: creating well rounded galleries” is a course about growing as a storyteller and learning how to gift your clients a gallery full of meaningful moments they will cherish forever.
We will dive deep into doing the prep work of learning about who you are as an artist and how that relates to connecting with your clients and cultivating authenticity in your work.


Creative Course

What will you learn

    - You will learn how to attract clients who value unposed and raw storytelling sessions. I will provide practical tips and tools (style guides, client questionnaires, how to prep clients) along the way to help streamline communication and give you the confidence to show up to a session ready to tell their story well.
    - You will get a behind the scenes look at what my sessions look like as I incorporate all of the details I have gathered beforehand and prompt to evoke emotion and set the tone for the session as I capture all of the details that are life-giving for both me and the client.
    - I will go through culling and how I select images for my galleries, editing to emphasize the details I have captured, and you will get to see what a full gallery can look like.
    - We will throw perfection out of the window and learn how to have the freedom to shoot with our heart and soul in order to create galleries that can be felt.

Whats Included

    - Introduction video
    - 2 full behind the scenes videos of family sessions
    - 1 mini behind the scenes video of a session that didn’t go as expected
    - Behind the scenes video explaining styling and session prep
    - Behind the scenes video over client communication with a live client FaceTime
    - 2 editing videos
    - Culling a session video
    - 3 slideshowexamples of full session galleries
    - 6 detailed PDF’s
    - Client style guide
    - 2 Audio recordings
    - Client questionnaire and communication information
    - Essentials brush pack