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Magic of Motherhood

By Brianna Merritt


Lesson Title

What to expect

When we think of why we started our careers in photography or who we're shooting, most of us are going to think about mothers. Most of my clients are moms. When I'm marketing sessions, I'm marketing to moms. Learn how to style, pose, market, edit, and use light in this educational course on documenting motherhood. Apply my lessons to your business to enhance your artwork, stand out artistically, and gain confidence. Let's go behind the scenes and dive into the magic of motherhood.

What you will learn

- How to direct & pose maternity sessions

- How to use lighting indoors and outdoors 

- How to capture emotive motherhood images 

- How to shoot self-portraits with your children 

- How to edit your indoor images and outdoor images 

- What is bump to baby bundling

- How to market and organize motherhood minis with location ideas, styling ideas, and more 

- How to use the magic of motherhood Lightroom brush pack

- How I use portraiture to add extra magic on my images 


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Aubree Barlow

average rating is 5 out of 5

"Great course! I love the brushes that come with the set and the videos were really helpful and easy to follow. I want to start branding myself towards more motherhood shoots and this really helped me with posing, lighting, and editing to really capture emotion. Can’t wait to take more courses!"

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Thank you!

- 100 page PDF with audio
- Extra audio with my thought process
- Full edit with oat outdoor
- Full edit with cottage indoor
- Instructional edit with included brushes
- Instructional edit with faux bokeh & light leak
- Motherhood outdoor BTS Video
- Maternity indoor BTS Video
- Lightroom Brushes (Add a Tan, All Eyes on Me, Blush, Bokeh, Contour Brush, Highlight Brush, Light Leak, Lighten Legs, Lipstick)

**Presets NOT included**

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