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Making Sense of Soft Proofs

By Karina Beck

This course is for the photographer who wants to realistically grow their income, while also streamlining their post session process. Have you heard of the saying, “work smarter, not harder?” I am guessing you have, and that is exactly what I want to talk about with incorporating soft proof viewing galleries. I will specifically be teaching my soft proof process and how to integrate this into your current work flow. Expect to learn the why behind soft proofs, my verbiage for e-mail and gallery templates, short cuts for efficiency, and how these small changes can help increase your income.


Business Course

What will you learn

    - What a soft proof gallery is and how you can present it
    - How to prepare your client for receiving a soft proof gallery
    - My current post session process, explained, in thorough detail, with screenshots
    - What programs I use and what programs are available
    - Fear based questions and confidently answer those with solutions
    - Feedback from photographers I have helped, who have implemented soft proof viewing galleries

Whats Included

    - 51 page, detailed downloadable PDF
    - Audio reading of PDF
    - I share my entire process beginning with culling a gallery, making soft proof light edits, shortcut method to uploading directly to your gallery site
    - The e-mail I send for selecting images
    - How your client chooses favorites Video
    - How to efficiently find the favorites in LR, making final edits, and sending the gallery off Video