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By Brianna Merritt

Mask and Brushwork for the BOLD Photographer

Do you dread the amount of time it takes you to edit and deliver a gallery to your client? Do you want to utilize the full potential of masks and brushes in Lightroom? This course is designed to show students the ins and outs of masking in Lightroom so they can organize and speed up their workflow. Using masks and brushes in NEW ways can turn editing from dreadful into efficient.


Editing Course

For Any Level Photographer

(Beginner to Advanced)

What will you learn

    - How I set up my sessions for editing success including lighting and settings
    - How to clearly communicate delivery expectations to your clients and how to handle extensive editing requests
    - Editing clauses you NEED in your contract
    - How I edit and use mask/brush techniques with full editing videos
    - How to edit skies
    - How to edit backgrounds
    - How to deepen grass and create a silk effect
    - How to edit skin
    - Different techniques with masking that make a more seamless and blended edit

Whats Included

    - 9 editing videos
    - A 25-page PDF guide
    - Audio for the PDF

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