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Nailing Skin Tones

By Theresa Sherron

Photographers who really want to NAIL the correct skin tones for their clients! Photographers who are wanting to learn how to capture correct exposure in camera and learn how to brush correctly in Lightroom & Photoshop to really get the BEST skin tones. In addition, with 6.5 years experience I have learned the best way for myself to NAIL those proper skin tones and I am here to teach you my way!

Every photographer teaches skin tones differently and the way I show you, may not be how you learned or how you will learn from another photographer. But, it's the way that I do it and how I've always done it! I hope you learn from it!!!!!

My goal is to really help you achieve the best skin tones. It's a process & will take practice from shooting to editing in Lightroom and Photoshop! Depending on the preset, it can also determine how you edit! So I will show you guys a few different presets and how it looks, including my NEW pack "Its groovy baby", which is completely live to the public!

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Editing Course

What will you learn

    - I will go over how I shoot during a session : Exposure, etc.
    - I will go over Lightroom tweaks with different presets
    - I will go over brushing in Lightroom for just their skin
    - I will go over brushing for their skin in Photoshop

    If you are struggling with photoshop :
    please take my photoshop course here at BEC!

    One of my most POPULAR courses!

Whats Included

    - Intro PDF discussing settings and styling tips to help with skin tones.
    - Video over Mentorships
    - Over 60 minutes of Editing for Skin Tones in Lightroom & Photoshop