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Naturally Newborns + Family

By Annie Nelson

Do you tend to shy away from booking newborn sessions due to the props, backdrops, outfits, posing and wrapping and everything else that goes along with them? Well then it is time for you to embrace the NATURAL approach to newborn sessions, with NO posing or wrapping or props involved! Or maybe you already shoot posed newborn sessions but want to branch out and start going in another direction. Either way, this course is for you!

Newborn sessions were something I personally shied away from a couple of years ago, but they have become one of my passions. My hangup a couple of years ago was I didn't realize I could "do" newborn sessions without all of the complicated wrapping, posing, props, backdrops, expensive little outfits and everything else that goes into traditional studio newborn sessions. Once I discovered a more natural lifestyle approach, I was HOOKED.

Learning how to go into people's homes and capture their real stories and lives has been an amazing journey for me and my business. You CAN be a newborn photographer, studio or no studio, and without the hefty price tag that comes with the more traditional studio approach. And you can do it BEAUTIFULLY


Creative Course

What will you learn

    - How to capture families and newborns naturally and beautifully, no posing, wrapping or props necessary.
    - How to authentically tell their story in their own home, or in a studio space (even a spare room in YOUR home turned into a studio, like mine!)
    - How to use natural light to create beautiful imagery, no artificial light needed.
    Learn how I edit my own images in the bold and moody style while still keeping them very natural.
    What presets and actions I personally use in all of my own work and how I tweak them to fit my style.
    - How I go about styling my families and what very inexpensive items you can bring along to your sessions to help you level up.
    - How to deal with homes that are "tricky" to work in, small, cluttered, not much natural light.
    - How to get your clients on board with the lifestyle approach to newborn sessions so that you can shoot what you LOVE, rather than what you THINK your clients want.

Whats Included

    - 75 Page PDF
    - 2 detailed editing videos from the BTS sessions
    - Detailed video showing session flow and fully edited examples of my sunroom-turned-studio sessions
    - Video showing the full gallery of edited images from the BTS video, including explanation