Power of Color

By Brianna Merritt

This course is for any photographer. We are going to dive into editing with bold colors and rich tones along with editing for those who like a moodier and more neutral vibe. You will learn new things in Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop. It is time for you to break out and be the photographer that you are yearning to be, and I am here to show you what that process looks like and how to stay consistent. If you’ve ever wondered why presets work for other photographers, but you can’t seem to make them work for you, I have the answers.

I love being an educator! It is going to be so fulfilling to watch all my students take off and stand in their own light. It is time for you to stop watching from the sidelines, watching what everyone else is doing, and CREATE your own magic.


Creative Course

For Any Level Photographer

(Beginner to Advanced)

What will you learn

    - How to use the HSL panel in Lightroom + Camera Raw
    - How to alter multiple colors to make a new color
    - How to perfect skin tones
    - How to use Split Toning
    - How to make colors pop
    - How to use layers in Photoshop
    - How to mask adjustments off subjects in Photoshop
    - Creating your aesthetic from start to finish
    - Using styling choices to create better edits
    - Editing with my Floral Vibes Preset Pack + my freshly released Cottage Core Preset Pack
    - Masking in Lightroom
    - How to create your brand colors and stick to them
    - Create your own actions and brushes
    - How to check your white balance
    - Fixing Skin Tones
    - How to deal with problem clients
    - Pricing Structure
    - Editing start to finish
    - How to apply the included actions and brushes
    - How to batch edit in Photoshop
    - How to create actions in Lightroom and Photoshop
    - Why white balance is so important to get right
    - How to be consistent with your brand colors

Whats Included

    - 100 Page Downloadable PDF
    - Guiding for styling your clients
    - BTS video of a family/newborn session outdoors
    - Editing Video on how to make your own brushes and action & using Camera Raw
    - HSL Sliders & Color Grading Editing Video
    - Batch Editing
    - PDF Audio Reading

Kinsey Evans

“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person's life. – Jackie Chan


Emma Emma

Oh my word. Annie was AMAZING! I went into this mentorship hoping to gain a bit more insight into editing and session flow but had no idea I was going to walk away with as much new knowledge as I was given. Thank you SO so much!

Brittany Grubbs

I was so excited to see my girl Annie teaching with BEC. I did an editing mentorship with Annie a year ago in 2021 and she has grown so much in her craft- that now I wanted to learn from her! I believe in education and that we all have something so magical to offer. Annie is the queen at in home newborn sessions. Although I feel pretty comfortable in my in home newborns-I wanted to soak in a little of her brain because every post I am ooooing and awing at her photos. My goal was to see how she processes her session workflow. I LOVED her mention of outdoor shots of the home. I think it's easy to get hung up on not moving around a space and she really shows how much variety a gallery can have with the amount of space and environment is available! Highly recommend this course for anyone who needs a little inspiration to get out and shoot a lifestyle newborn session!

Keisha Mingus

Oh my goodness! I am so glad I purchased this! It is going to be a game changer! If you're up in the air about purchasing anything from Nicole don't think about it just do it! I have no doubt this will help me grow on my photography journey! Thank you Nicole!


I am so thankful for this course. I really love how Nicole teaches, it's so easy to follow and her tips have been amazing! I 1000% would recommend this course to anyone! Oh and the presets and brushes are " chefs kiss " 💋

Tara James

Love love love this course! So excited I got it! This takes my photography to the next level! Thank you for doing this!

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