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Set In Tones

By Suneeta Ames

If you ever find yourself in a rut wondering which preset is best for you and have done it all and still find yourself stuck with why it does not work, Set in Tones explores building presets by YOU for YOU. Learn to tweak your favorite presets, build new ones and use the HSL sliders correctly.

It is a comprehensive 100 page course to explore colors and how it works in order to teach you the ways of seeing tones, determining the preset look you would like and building presets 101 ways that work for how you photograph.

Besides tweaking step-by-step for the most common skin tone issues, this course includes preset recipes from turning an image bold and beautiful, to light and airy and everything in between. More than complimentary resources, Set in Tones will have you reeling clients who are confident you are able to respectfully edit skin tones with proven technical knowledge I have utilized for my own sessions.

Dive in if you are ready to :

1. Understand and See Colors
2. Learn to MASTER the HSL sliders and using it correctly
3. Correct colors for accurate and artistic skin tone edits
4. Speed up your work process with secret tips by Suneeta Ames Photography
5. Achieving the EDIT of your dreams

In 7 days, learn to build your own personalized presets that will set you apart, elevate your editing and save your money.


Editing Course

What will you learn

    - Build a cohesive and consistent edit with preset settings that is done by YOU for YOU
    ​- Master the Hue, Saturation and Luminance sliders and utilizing its full potential by diving in what it is, how it differs and when to use it correctly.
    - Achieve accurate skin tones and artistic tones with step-by-step visual images for all the common skin tones issues in all lighting situations.
    ​- Build color profiles for your camera, your settings and YOUR photography style for a preset that works in 5 steps of less.
    - Practice your craft on Complimentary RAW images included in this course to confidently utilize this course for an edit of your DREAMS.
    ​- Embracing colors and learning secret tips professional use for incredible color renderings and results!
    ​- Come behind the scene for a visual 1:1 experience of a full session, RAW image edits across multiple camera brands ( Nikon, Sony, Canon ) and see how I edit consistently.

Whats Included

    - 100 page Step-by-Step Visually Rich course content
    - White Balance, Kelvin and Basic Skin Tone Correction Exercises
    - 4 Lightroom Editing Videos
    - 1 Behind the Scenes Video
    - Videos are available in closed captioning