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Set In Tones

By Suneeta Ames


Lesson Title

What to expect

If you ever find yourself in a rut wondering which preset is best for you and have done it all and still find yourself stuck with why it does not work, Set in Tones explores building presets by YOU for YOU. Learn to tweak your favorite presets, build new ones and use the HSL sliders correctly.

It is a comprehensive 100 page course to explore colors and how it works in order to teach you the ways of seeing tones, determining the preset look you would like and building presets 101 ways that work for how you photograph.

Besides tweaking step-by-step for the most common skin tone issues, this course includes preset recipes from turning an image bold and beautiful, to light and airy and everything in between. More than complimentary resources, Set in Tones will have you reeling clients who are confident you are able to respectfully edit skin tones with proven technical knowledge I have utilized for my own sessions.

Dive in if you are ready to :

1. Understand and See Colors
2. Learn to MASTER the HSL sliders and using it correctly
3. Correct colors for accurate and artistic skin tone edits
4. Speed up your work process with secret tips by Suneeta Ames Photography
5. Achieving the EDIT of your dreams

In 7 days, learn to build your own personalized presets that will set you apart, elevate your editing and save your money.

What you will learn

- Build a cohesive and consistent edit with preset settings that is done by YOU for YOU

- Master the Hue, Saturation and Luminance sliders and utilizing its full potential by diving in what it is, how it differs and when to use it correctly.

- Achieve accurate skin tones and artistic tones with step-by-step visual images for all the common skin tones issues in all lighting situations.

- Build color profiles for your camera, your settings and YOUR photography style for a preset that works in 5 steps of less.

- Practice your craft on Complimentary RAW images included in this course to confidently utilize this course for an edit of your DREAMS.

- Embracing colors and learning secret tips professional use for incredible color renderings and results!

- Come behind the scene for a visual 1:1 experience of a full session, RAW image edits across multiple camera brands ( Nikon, Sony, Canon ) and see how I edit consistently.


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Ariedne Smith

average rating is 5 out of 5

"I can't say enough wonderful things about this course. I was struggling with my skin tones big time but this course helped me tremendously. Suneeta was a great mentor and provided me with the tools to be able to create my base presets as well as tweak any others. She also provided tips and tricks in LR which were true game-changers for me. Please purchase the course you will not be disappointed!"

Cassandra Fontaine

average rating is 5 out of 5

"This course has been the absolute game changer in my workflow. I always worried I didn’t have the “eye” for tones and thought colors were so overwhelming to learn but this course has been the perfect overview of how they all piece together! Now I can preserve the tones I want to and create the ones I’ve been dreaming of for my style of editing and know the ins and outs of Lightroom panels!"

Pamela Salerno

average rating is 5 out of 5

"I loved this course! I learned so much. I never quite understood Kelvin, like I sorta got it, but it didn't click until this course. And keeping skin true, I really loved that part. I've been practicing making my own tweaks to presets with every session since I took this course!"

Kimberly Hardin

average rating is 5 out of 5

"Just WOW.... Let me start by saying I have been studying Lightroom, presets, and color theory on my own for a while now. While I've picked up information over time, I haven't come across more informative, easy to understand knowledge than Suneeta's Set in Tones course. She shares the best tips for controlling colors in Lightroom with the new adjustment tools and explains color in such a simple way. Talk about lightbulb moment! This course is a STEAL for all the jam-packed info from the PDF to the editing videos to the Facebook group where Suneeta continues sharing! You seriously won't regret purchasing this course!"

Mila Kroft

average rating is 5 out of 5

"I’m so pleased with the results of this course! So many great tips! I thought I was proficient in Lightroom because I know what each panel does, but this course made me realize I don’t know all the different ways the panels can work together, to get a look I want! So many takeaways. I can’t wait to keep practicing on more past and future photos!"

Renee Coleman

average rating is 5 out of 5

"This is by far the most informative and useful course I've taken that REALLY, truly explains color and skin tones. Suneeta does a wonderful job explaining every detail and the WHY behind it all. I just so happened to have an extremely challenging session to edit of a family with multiple different skin tones in a location with bright green grass creating awful color casting. None of my previously purchased presets worked...even after all the tweaks. After reading Suneeta's pdf and watching just one of her editing videos, I was able to edit this entire challenging session using the techniques I learned from her. This course is worth its weight in gold! And (added bonus) Suneeta is phenomenal. She has graciously taken her time to respond to all of my questions and to encourage me as a photographer. That's something special!"

Kashia Courville

average rating is 5 out of 5

"I’ve struggled for TWO years with editing! No matter what I’ve tried I could never figure it out! Suneeta has done a wonderful job explaining color and how to make your own preset! I only have gotten through reading the PDF and just the info in it is worth its weight in GOLD!!! BEC has outdone itself again with another AFFORDABLE course!"

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- 100 page Step-by-Step Visually Rich course content
- White Balance, Kelvin and Basic Skin Tone Correction Exercises
- 4 Lightroom Editing Videos
- 1 Behind the Scenes Video
- Videos are available in closed captioning
- Bonus Video Content on use of Gray Card and Utilizing Kelvin for White Balance
- Understanding Colors Video
- How to Tweak Preset Video
- Access to Private Set in Tones Facebook Group for continuous support
- RAW images for Practice
- Lightroom Preset Building Secret Videos

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