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By Suneeta Ames

Shooting from the Soul

Chances are, you are anticipating a course that will offer you the answers to shooting authentically. As artistic as it is technical, this course offers more than a quick answer. It is a comprehensive insight and my signature process to sharpen your skills photographing an impactful session. I will walk you through the complete essentials to a gallery more than beautiful locations and wardrobe - but also building a story-worthy, heart pumping gallery your clients will cherish for years to come. More than moments, the proven process of building prompts on the go that is relatable for any session.

Dive in if you are ready to :

- Create tried and true authentic and genuine prompts without memorizing lists or awkwardly stumbling.
- Engage and connect with clients with strong command over the flow of your photo session. ( Be the most confident YOU )
- Elevate your style and method for an incredible overall experience for your clients
- Create connections and initiating prompts that are meaningful, breaking stagnancy in the process.

From connections, finding moments that matter, prompt building, mapping emotions and controlling chaos in a family session - this 100 page PDF comes with most often ignored elements to a successful session - attracting the right market and building a rapport that keeps your client loyal to you, not your prices.

Come along on this adventure with me...


Creative Course

For Any Level Photographer

(Beginner to Advanced)

What will you learn

    - Building a client loyal to you and not your prices by weaving connections and honing impactful rapport.
    - Have clients that TRUSTS YOU and your vision.
    - Map Emotions and Cues to place yourself as a master at your craft, even if you are still learning!
    - The Formula to Effective Storytelling in your family session.
    - Weaving Connections in your sessions for relatable, meaningful imagery.
    - Signature Processes to build PROMPTS on the go, at any time! No more pretending to check your phones.
    - Embracing Chaotic Moments and producing beautiful imagery in messy situations.
    - Social Media Audit to attract the right CLIENTS for you!
    - Ways to Elevate your galleries using a few simple steps.

Whats Included

    - 100 page, detailed downloadable PDF
    - Over 60 minutes of “Hand Edited” Lightroom and Photoshop Editing Videos
    - Signature Prompt Building and Storytelling Processes
    - Audio assistance

Lauren Newman

“Stories should be of perspectives. The wonderful wardrobe and incredible locations are secondary”