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Storytelling Amongst The Chaos

By Jessi Ingram

A behind the scenes, beginning to end, styled shooting video with prompts to engage with your clients for creating storytelling images amongst the chaos.

This course will walk you through how I deal with chaotic situations, making your clients feel at ease when things have taken a turn, and how to deal with disinterested children. All while still creating storytelling images to deliver to your clients.


Creative Course

What will you learn

    - Tips to help you connect with your clients prior to the session
    - Capturing details in order to tell your clients story
    - Suggestions on how to redirect your clients focus when things turn to chaos
    - How to connect with families prior to the session
    - Creating relationships and building rapport to create a foundation with your clients
    - How to navigate through Chaotic moments and focusing on what you can control
    - Techniques on how to gain trust within your clients
    - How to deal with kids whom seem stand-offish
    - Utilizing locations and having a back up plan
    - Re-directing the scene to create interest with kids
    - Keeping a natural flow going during a session

Whats Included

    - 11 page, detailed downloable PDF, about Jessi's experience from the session
    - 2 editing videos from the session