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The Art of Profitable Marketing

By Suneeta Ames

Most photographers are stuck in the “it’s hobby money” cycle in their photography business to see that their income should match their talent, too.

The problem is, finding a no-fluff course that offers TRUE step-by-step to a marketing effort by a photographer leaves many confused and or spending money on boosting their pages or ads without knowing what to do to attract your DREAM clients.

What if you receive the EXACT mapped-out system to build your own marketing plan - helping you figure out the PRECISE way YOU can take in High Intent Leads, ready to purchase your sessions?

No more randomly boosting your ads and posting without INTENTION in your local groups only to get yourself marked as SPAM. Ouch!

After teaching close to 1000 students and tripling my income yearly, I can confidently tell you too many of us are TRAPPED thinking having pretty pictures is adequate to save a misaligned, mismanaged business.

This program is ready to shatter the old-age rumor that PHOTOGRAPHY is not a business because we are too passionate to treat it more than a HOBBY by offering curated marketing assistance.


Business Course

What will you learn

    - Favorite research technique to see what your competitors are doing and build a keyword rich, never snitch website copy.
    - 1 hour = 10 leads for your business with NO PAID ADS.
    - Marketing Plan Template to create a curated marketing effort geared towards your DREAM clients
    - 24 weeks of Email Marketing Prompts
    - Insider S.E.O tools to get up the ranks by Jon Pasquariello
    - INVITE to doubling or tripling your income [ NEW COACHING ] and much more.
    - Exploration into your client’s sales cycle and what you can do to encourage their bookings
    - Step - by - Step Google Business Profile format that is PHOTOGRAPHY focused, rich in keywords and indexed images to bring you up the ranks on Google
    - How to’s into building your photography assets with lead capture and converting your audience to life long RAVING clients.

Whats Included

    - Main Course PDF
    - 5 Bonus PDFs
    - 8 Chapter Videos
    - 5 Bonus Videos