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The Hustle: A Business Guide

By Erica Williams


Lesson Title

What to expect

When starting a photography business there is so much you need to know getting started or even when you hit a plateau and need to get things rolling again. That is when marketing comes into play. Learn how to create a website that works for you and how you can effectively run a successful photography business. Let Erica walk you through her experience of over 13 years of a photography business.

​This 118 page downloadable E-Course is just what you need to get you headed in the right direction to building a brand that attracts the right clients. Taking most of the guess work out of how to set up your website, how to be creative with marketing and how to connect with those target clients. It's all in one course with creative exercises to get you thinking about your business & brand. Also, includes a bonus family directing guide and exclusive access to our online classroom for Q&A's.

What you will learn

- Build a brand that stands out from others

- Creating a business plan, creating a road map

- How to create a website that works for you

- Pricing strategies how to make a profit

- How to Stay Organized, treating your business like a business

- SEO explained and how to apply to your own website

- Booking the client, creating a business flow

- Styling & Planning the Session

- Marketing Strategies that don't cost money

- How to effectively use social media for your business

- Creative Business Ideas and Blogging Ideas 

- Creative Exercises to get you thinking


Venice-Florida-Beach-Photographer-Chasing-Creative-Media-74 (1).jpg

Erica Williams

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cynthia voskamp

average rating is 5 out of 5

Easy to read and oh so helpful. Erica sparked my creative side and helped me realize what I need to do and how to go about it. The Hustle has helped me with another business that is not photography. Sometimes you need to be pointed in the right direction and Erica does this very well.

Ari Smith

average rating is 5 out of 5

"Wow. Thank you Erica Williams for such an Amazing and Informative course! By far the best 25 dollars I have ever spent."

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- 118 Page PDF
- Directing Guide

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