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The Unposed Approach

By Rebekah Melancon

Have you ever showed up to a session and struggled to think of poses? I know I have. After a ton of trial and error, I feel I have my session flow down to a science. But it wasn't always that way! So I have broken down my process step by step for you guys! In this class you will find how I prepare for sessions, the importance of wardrobe, guiding a seamless family session, and more!


Creative Course

What will you learn

    - Learn what gear is in my bag, and other goodies to help me during sessions!
    - What programs and tools I use to achieve my style!
    - How I best prepare for a seamless session!
    - Why you should be sending questionnaires and letting your client get to know you!
    - How I style my clients, including shops I love and links to my Amazon favorites!
    - Attracting YOUR client.
    - Choosing the best locations for your sessions!
    - How I set up my sessions for success!
    - General Session Flow
    - How I deal with Dads and keeping family members engaged
    - The importance of how you are speaking to your clients

Whats Included

    - 100 page, detailed downloadable PDF packed with remarkable information
    - 7 Challenges to Practice the Unposed Style
    - Culling Video
    - Intro into Dodge & Burn