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Using Layers to Create Dimension

By Theresa Sherron


Lesson Title

What to expect

This course is for the photographers who want that storytelling feel to their photos but not sure how to create it! This course goes into why I layer with dimension in my sessions and create a natural flow and feel to the images. Layering can come from styling and clothing, yes, but to create a feel where your eyes go into an image and looking into it and not at it, creates a feeling and emotion, which comes from layering your clients (positioning them correctly) during the session. It is so important to know why you are doing this and not because "everyone does". You need to feel comfortable in the decisions you are making and creating a comfortable workflow during your sessions to make sure your clients are feeling comfortable and at ease trusting YOU and YOUR VISION with your style of art.

A lot of photographers tend to do the "layering method" because that's what they visually see other photographers do.

But really, WHY are we doing this?

This is something I've been doing for years and created a reason why in my head that I am excited to explain to you and make you feel more COMFORTABLE and have an easier workflow during your sessions!

Together lets:

- Explore why we layer our clients
- Explore how to create a organic flow to your sessions
- Explore how to have your clients more comfortable during a storytelling session
- Create feeling in our art

What you will learn

- You will see a BTS of me controlling a session with layering VERY naturally. 

- You will see how I direct but NOT POSE in any way with these sessions. 

- You will see how natural it is for me to work with multiple kids for layering. 

- You will see how comfortable mom is TRUSTING me and my work. 

- We will discuss how to make it ORGANIC for you. 

- We will discuss WHY of it. 

- We will discuss what settings work best for a storytelling feel with layering.

- We will also go over layering with objects in front of your camera

- We will also go over layering with pieces of clothing and jewelry that can create a deeper mood.

- I will also take you into Lightroom and photoshop to show you how i work with the clients who are layered in the background & how I make it feel organic for me when editing it - to create a feel for the image


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Dina Young

average rating is 5 out of 5

Theresa is the best!!! She breaks things down so simply, and helps your photos go not just to the next level, but to the top level! Cant recommend her enough!!

Raffy Robles

average rating is 5 out of 5

"When I’m about to give up photography then I found this tribe. The editing and style.. So much valuable stuff to learn from this product. If I can only turn back the time. I’ve been searching for education or mentorship for a long time and lucky I found this gem. It is really a game-changer. Highly recommended."

Kashia Courville

average rating is 5 out of 5

"Wow!!! BEC & Theresa has done it again! I swear every course I say this is the one and they get better and better! Understanding the WHY of using layers in your sessions and hearing Theresa explain it all was an eye-opener for me! I always wondered HOW photographers got the storytelling to feel in their photos!! If you want more storytelling for your sessions THIS IS THE COURSE!!!"

Jalyssa Soto

average rating is 5 out of 5

"Theresa continues to deliver quality education! I love that she creates videos for the visual learners and includes extra resources. Her explanations are easy to follow and truly make a difference in my work. I am always looking forward to her new courses!"

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Thank you!

- PDF GUIDE with helpful tips!
- Workflows for your clients to create an organic feel
-30 mins of lightroom editing for dimension
- 30 min of photoshop editing for dimension
- Chat with me videos!
- Why layering with pieces of clothing can help create more dimension and more
- What you should be doing when advertising to create trust with your clients questionnaires

**Presets NOT included**

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