A Piece of Rembrandt:
Creating Painterly Portraits

with Letha Imboden

      Timeless, artistic and filled with your voice as an artist. Creating painterly portraits adds an entirely different dimension to your images. With the use of wardrobe, contrast, highlights and shadows I take you on a journey through history exploring a few old master painters while utilizing a few techniques in a contemporary way in both a studio surrounding and an outdoor setting.

      Together we will fully edit images from our behind the scenes videos, showing you a few tips and tricks to fully enhance a painterly feel to your portrait.

I take you on a very detailed painterly editing tour including very simple steps in both Lightroom and Photoshop making this course ideal for any level of photographer.

Letha Imboden_CPP-4.jpg
Letha Imboden_CPP-5.jpg

Your painterly course with me will include:

What gear and camera settings I use to create powerful and painterly images

How to:

  • Create a basic painterly look simply using:

    • Wardrobe

    • Camera settings

    • Props 

  • 2 Behind the Scenes Videos in two different settings

    • Full editing videos

    • Adjusting shadows/highlights

    • Presets/color profiles

    • Utilizing PS tools

  • A deeper understanding of old master painters and their though process and how to use these techniques in a modern way

Course Outline:

  • Introduction

  • About me, what’s in my camera bag, shooting style

  • What I use to edit with

  • A look into old master painters 

  • Planning your painterly session

  • Colors, textures, wand location

  • Styling from wardrobe to props

  • Camera settings to create a painterly feel

  • Finding and using the light and shadows during your session

  • 2 BTS Videos

  • Detailed editing videos

  • Presets

  • Color Profiles

  • PS actions

  • Custom Textured Backgrounds

  • Photoshop tools to enhance painterly scenes

What's Included?


  • 100+  page downloadable PDF Course 

Editing Videos

  • Full edit of a handful of images taken from our BTS videos


  • Textured Backgrounds

  • RAW Image to edit along with me

  • Videos are available in Closed Captioning

BTS Videos

  • BTS mommy and me session 

  • BTS solo portrait

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"Without atmosphere a painting is nothing." - Rembrandt

Meet Your


Hello fellow BEC artists!

My name Letha, a fine art lifestyle family photographer based in Clearwater, FL. 

I began my adult journey fully immersing myself into the world of psychology. Studying, observing, learning; devouring everything I could. I watched the world around me filled with so many ordinary moments from everyday people that were truly extraordinary to me!

I became obsessed with documenting life and everyday moments while turning them into unique pieces of art.

Adding a fine art aspect into my family sessions; they became more than simply documenting. It became more about capturing what I see as an artist while staying true to the emotions that were there. My camera became my main tool for creating pieces of art. Allowing my work to deeply express the feelings and emotions that were there.

I’m always climbing my way towards being my very best, learning new things and I take on every project with a fresh perspective, deep curiosity, and a willingness to test, explore and to fully immerse myself into emotion; into the story being told. 

In all my work, I seek the moments when ordinary people are at their most extraordinary, when they are the most special and most purely themselves. To distill the essence of who they are in a single image. 

No matter where we are in life, we can all relate to average moments of magic and grace.

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