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by Anna Kruse

Dandelion Collection

Bold & Colorful

Create Images like these....


Comes with Editing Video. Watch Anna Edit.



What's Included?

These presets were created to use as a base.
Bring out bold colors using the MOC (Magic of Color) brushes. The presets allow the artist put their own spin to create their own style. They are suitable for and any scenery and compliment greens to beaches. 


  • Dandelion 01

  • Dandelion 02

  • Dandelion 03

  • Dandelion 04

  • Dandelion 05

  • Dandelion 06

  • Dandelion 07

  • Dandelion 08

  • Dandelion B&W 

  • Dandelion B&W + Grain

MOC Actions/Brushes:

  • MOC Eye Pop

  • MOC Skin Tone Blend

  • MOC Sky Brush

  • MOC Color

  • MOC Desert Sand 

  • MOC No Pink

  • MOC Skin Glow

  • MOC Skin So Smooth 

  • MOC Skin Warmer

  • MOC Subject Pop


  • 8 Color Presets

  • 2 Black & White Presets

  • 10 MOC Brushes/Actions

  • Editing Video on how to use Presets & Brushes

  • PDF Description of MOC Brushes

  • Choose your preference of Lightroom Or Photoshop/ACR

  • Compatible with Lightroom Classic or CC we always recommend the most updated version

  • These are not mobile presets

  • Recommended for RAW files

  • Must have basic camera knowledge

  • Presets are not a one click solution and your images may look different than those posted on this page and in the video provided.

Image  by Theresa Sherron
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Dallas Denoo

average rating is 5 out of 5

This is such a wonderful course for senior photographers! I watched it over two days and took plenty of notes to read over again when my season starts. The behind-the-scenes videos sparked some great ideas I will certainly be trying, and the editing videos were very educational. I am hoping to purchase her presets to give them a try someday soon.

Kazhmir Injaian

average rating is 5 out of 5

Once again, Suneeta does not disappoint.
This course offers clear, concise, and engaging lessons on exactly how to get your business where you would like it.
I implemented one of the ideas she touches on today and saw a huge increase in my page views.
I am excited to continue through the coursework and see what great opportunities it creates.
I 10/10 recommend this course. Don’t sit on it ya’ll, buy it now!

Cass Colon Fontaine

average rating is 5 out of 5

This course is the missing piece of the marketing puzzle! It is PACKED with exercises, guidance through market research, prompts, information, starter templates, videos, and most importantly help with the beast that is SEO (praise be). Suneeta covers EVERYTHING you need to stop being afraid to make a profit and a living!

Kira Lord

average rating is 5 out of 5

This is a phenomenal resource if you want to focus on bold and unique senior photography! I went through it in one sitting! Went back the next day to go over it again. The knowledge gained is incredible - even just watching Liz editing opened my eyes to new editing techniques and I have already started implementing them into my editing. I know I will be going back and referencing this resource as long as I am a photographer! My next BEC purchase will definitely be a mentorship with Liz!

Jette McCormick

average rating is 5 out of 5

This was a helpful editing course to understand all the new Lightroom masking features. I find there is always something new to learn from watching others edit. Brianna gives lots of examples of how to achieve a colorful and dramatic look using masks. I learned so many new features and shortcuts that I didn’t use before, but will be implementing them from now on!! Whether you’re new or have been editing for a while, this was an excellent course! Thank you for yet another great course!

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