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It's all in the details: Create a well-rounded gallery

with Kinsey Evans

April 3rd, 2023



The Art of Profitable Marketing
with Suneeta Ames

"Most photographers are stuck in the “it’s hobby money” cycle in their photography business to see that their income should match their talent, too.
This program is ready to shatter the old-age rumor that PHOTOGRAPHY is not a business because we are too passionate to treat it more than a HOBBY by offering curated marketing assistance."

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BEC Courses
Self -Paced: designed to learn anytime, anywhere

Have you ever looked at a photo and your heart skipped a beat? Me too.

Photography is apart of us, it runs deep within our roots and our souls. Learn how to channel that energy and apply it to your work. Through our leaders and community, let's make the world a more colorful place.

Courses are $50.

Photo by Nicole Geraldine
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"Community is the foundation to success."
-Kristen Jones

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Online Workshops

Coming April 2023!


These workshops are hosted by BEC Leaders & Mentors. 

Workshops are $200.

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