Frequently Asked Questions

Essential Information

What do we offer?

Here at BEC we offer online educational courses from our BEC Leaders, Mentorship Programs, an Online Forum for getting feedback and our BEC Magazine. 

What is BEC?

BEC is an online educational platform for lifestyle photographers. We launched BEC in July of 2021. 

Do you offer presets?

We do not currently offer presets but we will in the future. We do have a presets resource on our forum from all our BEC leaders & community.

How can I submit to the BEC magazine?

You can submit to the BEC magazine by visit: https://www.boldemotionalcolorful.com/becmagazine

How do Courses Work?

You can purchase any course and download the materials instantly. The courses are self-paced and you will have access to our course CLASSROOMS located in our community forum. In the forum you can ask your instructor questions or receive feedback.

What is a Mentorship

Our mentorships are one-on-one sessions with our leaders who choose to be mentors for BEC. These are specific to your needs as a photographer whether it's business, editing or gaining clients. These are not downloadable courses. These need to be purchased through BEC and then schedule a time and date with your mentor.

I purchase a class and can't find it

The download link to your course will be located on the confirmation page after purchase. You can also log into your account on our website ( within 30 days of purchase) and under > my orders > find your link but ONLY works if you log in with same email you purchased the course with. 

How long is a link valid?

Your course download links are valid for 30 days. If your link should expire, simply email us at support@boldemotionalcolorful.com to resend a new link.

I don't live in the US can I still purchase a course?

Yes!! We are based out of the US but we welcome customers from all over the world. You can only purchase with a valid credit or debit card (no Paypal). 

Do you need to be a BEC Leader to release a course?

Yes! You do need to apply for leadership in order to create a course with us here at BEC. Our leaders are graded on their work upon submission and are deemed qualified to teach our community. 

Do we offer gift cards? 

We do not at this time. 

Can't find the answer? Email us!