How to use
PS Actions & Portraiture 

with Theresa Sherron

This course is for...

...any level photographer, beginner or experienced, this is for you. If you are wanting to learn how to achieve more rich, bold, colorful edits using photoshop, you’re in the right place. I know photoshop can be overwhelming and terrifying, but once learning it, it can CHANGE the way you edit tremendously! In order to achieve this beautiful, colorful edit – there are so many more things that go into place besides just editing. In this course I give you some styling tips on how to help your edits STAND OUT.

My goal is to be a step in the right direction if you are wanting more colorful edits with your images! So much more goes into just putting a preset on and if you are ready for that journey, let’s get you started! Let’s open your mind into photoshop!

Lets :

• Achieve more bold richness photos together

• Learn new settings for portraiture & how to really use it to finalize an image!

• Learn how to batch edit!

• Learn a little more how you can receive richness with your wardrobe!

• And so much more! Lets get Bold Emotional & Colorful together


Course Outline:

• Running my favorite brush actions & how to properly use them & how I would use them!

• Going over brushing on and off certain areas in photoshop & how to do so!

• Learning how to use larger actions with multiple items into one action!

• Going over portraiture & my settings that I use!

• How to batch edit!

• How to record your actions and save them as a “favorite” so it’s easier to use and find them!

• Going over a little bit about the business side of how I run things!

• Styling YOUR brand and making YOU stand out!

• What’s all in my camera bag? What do I shoot with? Where do I keep my gear?

• Settings in a few different lighting situations!

• Styling your clients and WHY.

• Actions I use and why! 

• Talking about my base presets (which are only available through my online mentorships, one on ones or workshops!)

• Emotive Posing (very little since it’s a photoshop course)

**Actions, Brushes & Portraiture is sold separately*

What's Included?


  • 100 page, detailed downloadable PDF 


  • Style YOUR brand

  • Try Different Lighting Situations

  • Style a Session for YOU

  • Try the actions I use

  • Write up YOUR own family questionnaire

  • Create YOUR own workflow

  • Do a batch edit!

  • Try a Portraiture setting

Editing Videos

  • Over 60 minutes of  Editing in Photoshop 


  • BTS family of four session

  • Video about business

  • Video over mentorships

  • Video of WHY questionnaires are more important than prompts


  • Video of chatting about styling (Why it's actually important?)

  • Raw video of a real client closet fitting apt with a client

  • BTS motherhood session


  • Intro into Photoshop

  • Running Actions & Brushes

  • Portraiture Overview

  • How to Pre-Save a Workflow

BTS Video

  • 2 Behind the Scenes Videos

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"Life is a journey, enjoy the trip. Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps that make the journey complete. The journey is a reward. Stay patient and trust your journey. Life is about the journey, not about the destination. Life is a journey, travel it well."


Meet Your


Known as the loudest human in the room, this is how Theresa brings chaos into her family sessions which creates her interesting way of how she runs a family session, or yet any session. The wild and free, the better. The chaos, the better. Theresa is constantly listening and signing to music, which she does Infront of her clients as well. Bold personality, which is why she adores bold rich edits. She always wants an image to look timeless yet with a punch of color & pop. Theresa truly feels there is a process in order to get the bold richness of the edits and it starts once a client inquires with you. Trust is key with this business, and she truly feels this starts at the beginning and ends with the final product you deliver to your clients. Firecracker is what they call her, loud and fearless. If you have met Theresa, you know this and you probably call her T.

What are Student's Saying?

"Holy s$!& this course is amazing!! It is packed with far more education than I expected!! I binged a lot of this within a day and I am so excited to keep learning!! Thank you for such a great course!!"

Amanda Mildebrandt / BEC Student

"All I have to say is that if you're hesitating on investing into this course, you shouldn't be. Seriously, just click buy now already! You WILL NOT be disappointed! I'm just like WOW! All of this for only $50, I'm seriously in awe! 🙌🏼"

Stacey Goff / BEC Student

"Literally speechless!! The amount of info in this course is just mind blowing! Theresa has completely poured her heart into this course and it shows! She doesn’t leave any details out, she truly makes you think deeper in a creative way and it has already helped me give my images a major pop that I have been looking for! GO BUY THIS NOW!!!! It is worth WAY more than $50!!!!"

Shelby Buchanan / BEC Student

"The How to Use Portraiture and Actions course was SO worth it!! I have had Actions forever but def wasn’t getting the most out of them. She teaches you how to do small adjustments within the actions and includes tons of video demonstrations. This course is an incredible bargain at $50! Thank you!"

Sarah Brennan / BEC Student

"This course is AMAZING!!! I just bought the course, so I’m only about half way through but was too excited to wait! There is SO much information, worth we’ll beyond the price. I can’t wait to get through more and apply to my work 💗"

Hope Roberts / BEC Student

"Theresa Sherron’s course was exactly what I needed to take my images to the next level."

Tiffany Joy / BEC Student

"All I have to say is Theresa Sherron rocks and is so down to earth, funny, and relatable in her videos! Haven’t gotten through the whole course yet but am absolutely loving what I have gotten through and can’t wait to finish it! I don’t have portraiture and only used Lightroom prior to this and this course still has so much more information in it to help you build (or in my case start) your photography career than just learning those two things. I can’t ever thank her enough for doing such an amazing course with so much information at such an affordable price for someone who’s just starting out!"

Abby Haugh / BEC Student

"Wow ! Let me first say Theresa has such a vibrant personality. My 4 year old daughter also loved watching the BTS videos with me and was dancing to the music. She really goes in depth with the photoshop actions and portraiture. There is education on lots of other things as well. I learned so much already from this. Don’t hesitate just buy !!"

Nicole Johnson / BEC Student

"Whoa! Game changer! I've taken several photography courses and mentorship, and this one is so great! The pdf is such an easy read, like talking to your best friend. The shooting tips are everything! And even with all the courses I've taken, I've never been taught portraiture settings, so this is a game changer! I'm so inspired to get out, shoot, practice, and create magic! Thank you!"

Rachael Scott / BEC Student

"First time ever buying a course or taking any kind of photography classes. She’s so down to earth & I’m learning a lot from this course already (not to mention how cheap it is $50) I still have lots to learn but this has already help me a lot! I can’t wait to buy some more courses from her & edit my pictures."

Belen Gonzalez / BEC Student

"How do I put into words my feelings on how amazing this course is! Theresa seriously is an amazing instructor and so helpful in so many ways. The ways she gives you all the BTS videos of sessions and the amazing PDF guide with so much info to the super informative lives she gives so much info for such a deal! If you haven’t done Theresa’s course…do it! You won’t regret it!"