with Annie Nelson

About Annie


I'm a Minnesota based lifestyle photographer focused on capturing connection and storytelling. I’m a wife and a mama to my 4 girls, Betsy (6) Violet (5) Tess (3) and Joy (1). Like so many other photographers, I got my start in the craft after having kids and desiring to capture and save their fleeting childhoods. I fell in LOVE. I began to pour my heart into the art, soaking up all of the information I could on light, movement, location, emotion, connection and editing.

What to Expect?

In this 1:1 zoom mentorship, I will teach you how to create beautiful artful images that are bold, creamy, and glowy, with authentic connection. We will focus on skin tones (skin tones are KEY), use of light, camera settings, what to look for in a location, styling, session flow to achieve that authentic connection, and of course, all things editing

What's Included:


  • 1-2 Hour 1:1 zoom call where we will go step-by-step through my complete editing workflow (from RAW to finished deliverable image)

  • Illuminate brush pack 

  • My favorite preset and photoshop action recommendations (that you can purchase) and exactly how I tweak them to achieve the glowy warm look that I LOVE

  • Access to private Facebook group where you can ask questions + receive further help and CC once mentorship is over

  • The option of sending over 3-5 of your own RAWS for me to edit during our time together

  • My client styling email + pre-session info PDF (I send to all of my clients)

  • My client questionnaire that helps me get to know a bit of their family story (thus helping me to achieve the storytelling imagery)



My focus is to guide you step-by-step through my complete editing workflow. We will cover presets, brush work, actions in photoshop and portraiture. We will also discuss lighting, location, storytelling prompts and styling (all critical pieces of the puzzle) to help you achieve the look you are going for and level up your photography. 

The Goal

"Our goal as photographers is to find the beauty in people's stories. Family is truly the most important thing in life and what a privilege that it is our job to document and capture the authentic moments played out in front of our lenses! Our goal for this mentorship is to help you grow and perfect your craft so you can go out and capture + edit the human experience in a more artful and beautiful way!"


Bring Your Images to Life.

You know the saying, "you have to spend money to make money"?


Well there is a ring of truth to the saying. Nothing has launched my business forward so fast as investing in my growth and learning through 1 on 1 mentorships. Nothing. Is it your goal to book your calendar with your "ideal" clients? Clients who go along with your vision and trust you completely? Stand out from the (often oversaturated) crowd of photographers in your area with art that glows! Value yourself and your business. Stay inspired through continued learning and education and people will see it. They will want to work with YOU because what you create is ART.  


Invest in yourself, your work and your business.

Mentorship Cost $350