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Magic of Color Mentorship Program


Anna Kruse

BEC Leader & Mentor

The Program

Are you drawn to bold and colorful photos?

My focus is to guide you to achieve just that! From how to style your families, to how to even use presets and tweak them to achieve that desired look, prompts that will help direct your sessions for storytelling images and go over composition and camera settings.

There are many layers that make a beautiful image but majority of that work takes places before your session all geared towards the final outcome which are BOLD EMOTIONAL COLORFUL photos

What does my mentorship include?

    -1.5hr 1:1 Online zoom meeting 
    -Gear & Camera Settings 
    -Client Prep/Wardrobe for bold, colorful sessions • Posing, Prompts for emotive storytelling images 
    -Going over Favorite presets +tweaks 
    -The Sonder Collection Presets + MOC PS Actions and MOC LR Brushes 
    -Client Welcome Guide
    -Going over a basic understanding of how lighting, locations, and wardrobe factor in our final results 
    -Access to private online FB group for continued community support

    During our time, we will be editing 3 of your raw images implementing my editing techniques. Must have updated LR, PS. Portraiture is part of my workflow in PS.

ABout the author

BEC Leader & Mentor

Hi ya’ll! I am Anna Kruse. I am a photographer from the PNW who focuses on emotive, bold, storytelling images, My journey began after having my children. Time is so fleeting that I wanted to be able to capture them and hold on to those dear memories After that, my passion for photography developed in wanting to give others those exact memories and the rest is history.

Magic of Color

The Goal

Our goal is for our clients to have images that can speak a thousand words. Photos are a way of being able freeze time just a minute longer. Let’s preserve these fleeting moments in life. Let's capture the emotion of big days and small days. From the warm embrace of love to the joyous moments of laughter. Let’s preserve them for lifetimes to come.

Do you like to bake?

If you do you would know that there are so many instructions on how to make a delicious dessert but at the same time you are in control of how creative you want to be, do you want to follow the box instructions or would you like to put your own taste? Editing is just like that, there is no one way to art. Art is subjective and that's the fun part of it. You can use as many programs you'd like, there is no one trick to all.

Invest in yourself, your work and your business.

Mentorship Cost $395


Dina Young

average rating is 5 out of 5

Theresa is the best!!! She breaks things down so simply, and helps your photos go not just to the next level, but to the top level! Cant recommend her enough!!

Tiffany Bond

average rating is 5 out of 5

Absolutely loved this course and did a session just a few weeks later! I even reached out to AnneMarie afterward for some pointers on lighting. She messaged me back and answered all my questions! Highly recommend!!

Rei Vossler

average rating is 5 out of 5

This course is a MUST! It is tailored to all skill levels. Nicole is so detail oriented and makes it very easy to follow along. I highly recommend this course to everyone!

Amanda Sitterding

average rating is 5 out of 5

Gaahhh! Nicole's course is amazing! I am already a big fan of her other courses and also did a mentorship with her. I love that as she learns new techniques and improves her skills, she continues to share her knowledge with others. Her new painterly preset that comes with this course is amazing and has been a great base paired with her brushes for creamy beautiful skin tones. I can't recommend this course and others from Nicole enough! <3

Aly Andrews

average rating is 5 out of 5

I am just at the beginning of the course and already WOWED. The attention to detail, the step-by-step that lets me follow along, makes a world of a difference. I am learning so much about Lightroom already. Nicole is also just so soothing to listen to! I am such a fan girl, and can't get enough of her content. This course is a MUST <3

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