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Be Bold Mentorship Program


Nicole Geraldine

BEC Leader & Mentor

The Program

Yes, you can create bold and beautiful images in Lightroom alone. Learn how I use my own presets + brushes in Lightroom to give my images a more dramatic effect. I am so thrilled to teach you all my techniques. Are you ready? My 1:1 Zoom mentorship goes into depth about my editing process, workflow, styling process, and how to connect with your clients. Get 1.5 hours total, editing time with me + all your questions answered. This online mentorship option is so worth it and you will learn so much. My 1:1 online mentorship gives you access to my private Facebook group for continued education, new presets + brushes release, and monthly Zoom group video calls!!! Are you ready to do this? Elevate your craft with me!

What does my mentorship include?

    - A ninety-minute Zoom call where we will discuss your goals, camera settings, session workflow, and edit together virtually. You will receive the recorded clip from our call to keep
    - Access to my Original preset pack (only available to my mentees) as well as my most recent pack "The Keen Sol Collection"
    - I will show you how I tweak my presets and use LR tools to add the finishing touches to my images
    - Homework to practice your new skills
    - Access to my private Facebook group for continued education, new presets + brushes that my mentees get for free
    - A monthly Zoom group video call to go over any questions + continued education
    - All photos are free to use by mentees to build their portfolios and post on social media platforms
    - Lifetime help from me. I've got you covered! Community over competition. I want to see you shine
    - 20% discount for a lifetime on my online shop

ABout the author

BEC Leader & Mentor

Hey future friend! I am Nicole, a Published Emotive Lifestyle photographer in Northern Virginia + beyond. I focus on seamlessly capturing authentic moments in life. Those moments that we often overlook. My style has a mix of bold colors with a slight touch of moodiness. I love dramatic skies and fields of tall grass with a beautiful sunset in the background. I am a mom, friend, and adventure seeker. I specialize in Family, Newborn, and Maternity Lifestyle Photography, but if you ask me to capture your elopement, I will be on cloud nine! Now, let's talk about my passion that turned into my full time job. Just like most of the artists I have met, for me it all started in 2017 when my daughter was born. Just the thought of her growing up made my mama heart hurt. I wanted to freeze time but I had no clue how. I wanted to hold on to even the littlest moments. One day, I picked up my brand new camera that was still in a box collecting dust in my closet and I just completely fell in love. I discovered the art of storytelling through photos and started creating my own little memories. It almost felt like I was freezing time. I started capturing every single moment of my journey as a new mom and of course every milestone in my daughter's life. My camera became my little escape. I have never put it down after that. Now, here we are not only capturing my own memories as mama of two, but also doing the same for others. I believe every mama out there deserves beautiful memories of their tiny humans, because believe me when I say, "The days are long but the years go by so fast".

Be Bold.

The Goal

Truly from the heart, my goal for you is to find that missing spark. To assure you that you are not alone on this journey, there are people that want to see you succeed. Yes, I am one of those people. My mentees to me, have a special place in my heart. Believe me when I say I will be your biggest cheerleader.

Do you think consistency is important?

In my opinion, yes. ABSOLUTELY. Consistency is the critical driver for success. Being consistent means dedicating yourself to your GOALS and staying focused on the things and activities to achieve YOUR goals. Consistency requires a long-term commitment from you and involves sustained EFFORT in doing actions repeatedly until you achieve your goals.

When you workout for example they say it takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. Same with photography. It is all about consistency. Practice what you learn every day. Create something new every week. Step out of your comfort zone. I can give you every tool and tell you every skill I know, but if you are not consistency and committed to improving, then nothing will change. Give it time but stay consistent. I am here for you to make sure you don't quit.

This is just the beginning of your journey.

Mentorship Cost $395


Dallas Denoo

average rating is 5 out of 5

This is such a wonderful course for senior photographers! I watched it over two days and took plenty of notes to read over again when my season starts. The behind-the-scenes videos sparked some great ideas I will certainly be trying, and the editing videos were very educational. I am hoping to purchase her presets to give them a try someday soon.

Kazhmir Injaian

average rating is 5 out of 5

Once again, Suneeta does not disappoint.
This course offers clear, concise, and engaging lessons on exactly how to get your business where you would like it.
I implemented one of the ideas she touches on today and saw a huge increase in my page views.
I am excited to continue through the coursework and see what great opportunities it creates.
I 10/10 recommend this course. Don’t sit on it ya’ll, buy it now!

Cass Colon Fontaine

average rating is 5 out of 5

This course is the missing piece of the marketing puzzle! It is PACKED with exercises, guidance through market research, prompts, information, starter templates, videos, and most importantly help with the beast that is SEO (praise be). Suneeta covers EVERYTHING you need to stop being afraid to make a profit and a living!

Kira Lord

average rating is 5 out of 5

This is a phenomenal resource if you want to focus on bold and unique senior photography! I went through it in one sitting! Went back the next day to go over it again. The knowledge gained is incredible - even just watching Liz editing opened my eyes to new editing techniques and I have already started implementing them into my editing. I know I will be going back and referencing this resource as long as I am a photographer! My next BEC purchase will definitely be a mentorship with Liz!

Jette McCormick

average rating is 5 out of 5

This was a helpful editing course to understand all the new Lightroom masking features. I find there is always something new to learn from watching others edit. Brianna gives lots of examples of how to achieve a colorful and dramatic look using masks. I learned so many new features and shortcuts that I didn’t use before, but will be implementing them from now on!! Whether you’re new or have been editing for a while, this was an excellent course! Thank you for yet another great course!

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