Nicole Geraldine
Bec Leader/Mentor

BE Bold.



Yes, you can create bold and beautiful images in Lightroom alone. Learn how I use my own presets + brushes in Lightroom to give my images a more dramatic effect. I am so thrilled to teach you all my techniques. Are you ready? My 1:1 Zoom mentorship goes into depth about my editing process, workflow, styling process, and how to connect with your clients.  Get 1.5 hours total, editing time with me + all your questions answered. This online mentorship option is so worth it and you will learn so much. My 1:1 online mentorship gives you access to my private Facebook group for continued education, new presets + brushes release, and monthly Zoom group video calls!!! Are you ready to do this? Elevate your craft with me!

How Does it work?

Our goal is for our clients to have images that can speak a thousand words. -Anna

Finding a mentor that is right for you is the next step in taking your business to the next level. Our mentors here at BEC focus on things that matter. Things that will make an impact in your photography business. Take a moment to click the LEARN MORE button to see what we can offer.


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