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August Inspiration

We had another HUGE month for our fast growing platform!! In August, we signed our first contracts for upcoming courses with some of our leaders. HOW EXCITING IS THAT?? We are thrilled to launch our very first course in January of 2022. If you are not on our mailing list, get on it for updates when things start to release. That is the BEST way to keep updated (located on our home page). We also welcomed a new leader last month, Brianna Merritt.

Upcoming Courses:

January 17th - Shooting from the Soul: Mapping Emotions & Prompting Authenticity with Suneeta Ames

January 31st - Shooting from the Heart: A Sincere Glimpse into Storytelling with Jessi Marie

February 14th - How to use PS Actions & Portraiture to Finalize Images with Theresa Sherron

February 28th - Everyday Stories: Documenting Your Life with Brianna Merritt

NOW for the BEST of Instagram for the month of August:

"Most Liked" Photo by Hannah Sanchez Photos

Photo by Kara B Photography

Photo by Amber Walder Photography

Photo by Jeremy Miyagi (Miyagi Photography)

Photo by Jillian Sara Photography

Photo by Michelle Perdue Photography

Photo by Willow Rae Photography

Photo by Amber Tabaj Photography

Photo by Heidi Spillane Photography

Photo by Meghan Mais Photography

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