Capturing Mood and Flow with Styling

"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside"

Styling can put such a huge emphasis on the mood and flow of your session. The right style can emphasize the clients personalities, show movement, set the tone. This is another critical reason why it is important to get to know, and communicate with your client. Not everyone is flowy dresses and fancy shirts.

Ask them if they have a style, and if they can’t define a style in words, ask them what they like to do (that can usually guide you in the right direction)! Are they city dwellers, cowboys, hikers, do they dress up everyday, or are they casual and comfy? Do they have favorite colors or patterns? Gather as much info as you can, and them help them create a wardrobe designed specifically for them.

Wardrobe is how we express ourselves to the world, and I want it to be an accurate representation of who they are! Try not to rob them of their vision, but help to compliment it! THIS is one area where I do my best to stay in contact with the client AND guide them. My reasoning is this…if they book me based on the images they see in my Instagram feed or on my website, and then they show up in all competing prints of plaid, or all in jeans and white t-shirts, or neon green and they want to shoot in a green grassy area, I know without a doubt, that I am not going to be able to provide them with the same images that they booked me for. So I guide them, and am honest with all their choices, good or bad, as they go through the wardrobe selection process.

Tips for your Styling your clients!

Be comfortable in your choices (keep it real).

Mix and match patterns, colors and textures! Pick a color palette and go from there!


Take into account the location (don’t wear high heels to play in the water.) Plan your style with your location.

Mix classic, timeless and trendy pieces!

Do coordinate colors with the location.

Talk to your client about what colors they love, and base your palate off of that!


Be matchy matchy!

Don’t buy everything from the same store, you don’t want to look like an old navy add.

No logos, words, characters on clothes (no cinderella or dinosaurs)!

No neons, or exceptionally bright and bold colors.

Small children and babies should be in appropriate fitting clothes. Nothing that bunches or bulges and blocks their face.

No bulky, boxy jackets, sweaters, pieces that consume the client.

No BOLD patterns/prints. (No neon yellow, blue green plaid, etc.) Nothing that distracts from the moment.