Editors Pick: The Spirit of Giving

Fall has arrived, and the spirit of giving fills the air. How can we serve our clients well and treat them during their experience with us? It must be the holidays and sense of community that ignites this, but do you ever feel like as we enter fall, there is a greater sense of how can we do more? Photographers are in their busiest season, and yet it seems that this is when we add to our to-do lists.

As you may know, I am the executive editor for BEC Magazine. As we prepared for the fall issue, the topic, “how to give back through photography” was suggested, and I will not lie, my first thought was, “Most of us are already giving so much. I already have a packed schedule, a firm budget, a busy family life, appointments, etc — How can I possibly give back any more?” I did not think I was the gal for this topic and nudged it off.

A few days went by. I thought, “After all…Fall is our busy season and we are all working overtime. who am I to suggest how to give back more through photography, when I am in the same boat as most? So, I tried nudging this topic once more.

But, I could not get this topic out of my head. It was looming and lurking, telling me, think. Think from abundance, not scarcity. Think from a place of serving. And, that is when it hit me. An epiphany, you may say.

We are overcomplicating the act of giving.