Featured Artist I Alex McCrary

Talking with Caylee and hearing how much they enjoyed their time made my heart so happy. You guys, this is why I do what I do. Giving parents that time to bond again, giving couples special time to reconnect and have fun and creating experiences, not just photos.

Couples sessions hold a special place in my heart.

About the Artist:

I'm Alex McCrary. Mother to two beautiful daughters, Norah (2) and Gwendolyn (7 months) and wife to Daniel, my high school sweetheart. We live in Readlyn, Iowa. Small town of 856 people and one old grump. If I'm not taking pictures, you'll find me drinking coffee (probably iced), eating avocados, watching The Office and playing games with my family. Building relationships and lifting up others lights my fire. My passion isn't just about capturing moments, it's about creating them. Spending a date night re-lighting that on-fire romance, eskimo kisses and piggy-back rides, cuddling at sunset, I want to capture it all. I want to help capture those moments while giving you an amazing experience you’ll remember and feel.