Featured Artist I Ashlee Hall

The client and I went to high school together and more recently reconnected through a collaboration between her style blog and my photography. After a few style sessions, she shared that her husband requested a family shoot. He had never shown an interest in getting photos taken in the past, so I was especially honored to setup the session! At the location, we had to work around an event at the museum and it was quite cloudy. We were disappointed at first, but the end result made up for the initial worry. We had so much fun finding cool places on the grounds of the historic concrete castle, incorporating quilt hammocks and snuggles. It was such a fulfilling session!

About the Artist:

Ashlee Hall resides in Bucks County, PA, outside of Philadelphia, and specializes in lifestyle photography including family, children, senior and equine sessions. Ashlee loves to discover the beauty of the area while capturing heartfelt moments in time. In her work, Ashlee is drawn to natural emotions, loving embraces and unwavering connections surrounded by natural scenery.