Featured Artist I Jennifer Blake

This session was done for a family in North Alabama, we chose a local field next to a park, and a random bed of flowers that were blooming nearby. They did the most amazing job with the styling, they chose perfect outfits to compliment the changing fall colors here.

North Alabama Family Photographer

About the Artist:

My name is Jennifer Blake and I have been a photographer for about 6 years, in several different locations. Due to my husband being a Marine, in the last 10 years we have moved from our hometown in Alabama and then moved to North Carolina, Okinawa Japan, and California. Currently we are temporarily back home in Alabama and I am accepting sessions here for a while until we eventually move again! Restarting my business each time is a challenge, but it always is fun to find new locations to shoot at. We have two little girls, ages 7 and 9, and a beagle and a little tabby cat that we adopted from Okinawa. My photography style is still developing daily, but I'd call my style emotive and authentic. I am not really one for telling people to smile and say cheese, I'm much more interested in capturing the way people connect to each other. When people look back at my photos years later, I want them to remember how it felt to be that age and at that time in their lives, and see how they truly loved each other. I want to create art from your connections and your emotions.