Featured Artist I Lindsey Harper

We would love to introduce our featured artist, Lindsey Harper, of Lindsey Harper Photography.

" I have always been inspired by the way my kids experience the world, and lifestyle photography allows me to capture a bit of that magic for clients as well. My photography changed forever when I decided to start shooting the pictures that spoke to my heart instead of the pictures that I thought my clients expected, and happily, I've found that those are the ones they cherish, too. From the details like a baby's chubby hands to the warm interactions I see when they go for a walk with their parents, lifestyle sessions embolden me to throw out the rules and shoot from the soul. I loved how this family really dropped their guard around me and take a more intimate peek into their family dynamic-- I couldn't have been happier with the way they all turned out."

About the Artist:

I’m Lindsey Harper, a natural storyteller and photographer who combines authentic moments with beautiful light. I draw inspiration from nature and connection, and thanks to my four kids and numerous cross-country road trips, I get to experience plenty of both and let that vision simmer in my mind until I get to unleash it on my client shoots. Whether it's enjoying lazy days with my kids, catching frogs in my backyard, or hiking a slot canyon, you can always find me with a camera in my hand and a creative spark my heart.