Featured Artist I Tanya Bras

Sophia and Silas were one of the first paid sessions I did when I started my business last year! They are a military couple just like my husband and I which helped ease the awkwardness when you first meet someone. Upon meeting face-to-face we hit it off and connected throughout their session. Over the last year we have stayed in touch in military life and photography. We decided to do a last minute session before her husband deployed overseas and I'm so thankful that we did! We hiked 1.1 miles to the top of a mountain in 100 degree weather. When we got to the top, the view made it worth it! It felt like we were in heaven up there. I had them start off in a pose that sparked a memory from out first session. Sophia started laughing and said everyone thought we were announcing a pregnancy when we showed them this photo, I bet they will think the same thing again. We all laughed it off, finished up their session and hiked back down the mountain. A week later Silas deployed. Sophia and I kept in touch and she told me they were pregnant when we did their mountain top session and didn't know yet. Again, we laughed at the thought of the "pregnancy announcement pose"!

San Diego Family Photographer

About the Artist:

Hello, my name is Tanya! I have always had a passion for photography, adventure and bringing my camera wherever I go. I love seeing things in a unique way and connecting with people that I meet as I learn about their stories. My interest in photography started when I was in middle school. As I got older, I started following my 3 daughters around and watching them grow through my view finder. I continued to document every adventure and every new milestone my silly girls experienced. Being able to look back on our memories, recall the small details and evoke every feeling that was felt in that moment, just by